BOOKSHELVES | 1050 N Mills Ave, Installation at Pitzer College Art Galleries, Claremont CA, 2019

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Immediate (7 of 7).jpg

BOOKSHELVES | 1050 N Mills Ave

Translation and re-siting of the 3307 W Washington Blvd BOOKSHELVES project for the exhibition “Publishing Against the Grain,” curated by the Independent Curators International (ICI) in conjunction with Ciara Ennis at Pitzer College Art Galleries.

BOOKSHELVES is a collaborative literary residency project that originated at 3307 W Washington Blvd, Amanda Martin Katz’s studio and exhibition space in the Arlington Heights neighborhood of Los Angeles. The project centers on a sculpture of moveable shelves that contain Katz’s personal collection of books and text-based media; she invites other artists, writers, and curators to rearrange the collection’s ontology and structural design for three-month collaborative “thought residencies.” During these residencies, each guest loans books from her home library as the basis for thematic, socially engaged inquiry. Katz and the guest resident design public programs and immersive “reading environment” installations that translate the ideas represented textually on the shelves into embodied and somatic formats.

This installation contains an edited selection of titles previously loaned to the 3307 collection, representing both the discrete research interests and identities of the past nine residents as well as the project’s overarching curatorial direction. The tenth shelf contains the most repeated title loaned to the collection, in which it is also held.


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